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The Strone         ...part of my youth.

In the late 70's and early 80's a young band from Ottawa, Canada known as "The Strone" played various engagements in & around the Ottawa Valley.

The band saw several member changes though-out it's evolution, however in the summer of 1981 the band was playing it's hottest and consisted of Steve Tevlin on drums, Chris Wanczycki played bass & sang backup vocals, John West played rhythm guitar, some lead & sang backup vocals, while Ken Strong rounded out the act with his lead vocals (most songs), guitar, keyboards and pretty much anything else he decided to pick up.

These guys wrote several really good songs, and played a bunch of fun "cover" pop tunes. From the likes of the 1965 band "The Trogges" to 1980's "Billy Idol", this stuff was good and their original stuff was great.

Alas, they never released an album.


However on August 1st 1981, while mixing the show, I recorded these kids at a Club in Hull, PQ.
Kids? I was a kid too!       Me in 1982

Do you think they should have released an album?

Have a listen to some originals
These tracks were recorded in 1981, and the original tape has many drop-outs
that I have attempted to restore digitally.

Another Day                   03:58
Domestic Problems
Horses         06:36
In Crowd

Coming soon Vote now!
John, can you rig this?

Comic release for Ken
Whip It
  a bit    00:30

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