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Oct 7th 2003 This Page has been retired.
Checkout my new page, RandyCam.TV, here.

View this clip at 600x480 by clicking on it.

I used my JVC CCD TV Camera, Model TK-870U, to capture this shot.

I also use a StyleCam SiPix Digital Color Camera to capture this shot from time to time.
WebCam32 is the applet I use to push the image to the site. 

The Thaw 2001 

I used the JVC CCD Color Camera, Model TK-870U, to capture this shot.

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First light on the Castor river
My Roof Repair June 2003

My Bro's Cam is monitored using the least expensive cam I have ever heard of.
Labtec WebCam $29.95.
Check him out
Doing a 525 pound Dead Lift.
And a 300 pound Bench Press.

I was just playing around with a new eBay acquisition one night. A JVC GR-AX5 camcorder. I had just created an A/V cable for it, out of a modified keyboard cable and a female RCA connector. And then... :)
Picture of the Month

My aquarium cam sees tons of cool things every day. Here is what I saw at this particular moment on the 27th.
This picture was shot 10/27/01 3:28pm EST
I'll put my favorite image up here once a month, however I may have to create a gallery soon.
Today In Ottawa

The Weather
Ottawa Gas Prices

Ottawa Parliament Hill
Ottawa's Traffic Cams
Eastern Highway Conditions

I found a deal at www.x10.com on tiny wireless cameras, two for one, so I bought them. Beware of two for one's that's all I can say. The delivery was prompt and it cost a bit less than I had expected, however as you can see the images are not that crisp and I have to use a ton of light. Maybe just as well, as Princess was recovering from that operation that all dogs should get. All in all I feel it was a fair deal.

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City of Ottawa Aerial Photos
4 Corners Panoramic
Aerial of John's Place
Aerial of Scott's Place
Aerial of Angel's Place
And My All Time Favorite View...