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75mm Soligor 3" C Mount Telephoto Lens
  • Soligor 3" Telephoto Lens
    • 75mm 1:1.9
    • C-Mount
    • Serial number 1974
    • Like-new condition
      (real nice smooth action on both the iris and focus)
    • Light interior dust speck
      (has no effect on the image)
    • Both front and rear caps are included in a mismatched Elgeet box


A 12.5mm lens
This Lens
This Lens
This Lens



12.5mm Navatron C Mount Wide Angle Lens
  • Navatron 12.5mm Lens
    • 12mm 1:1.2
    • C-Mount
    • D.O. Industries standard
    • Good clear clean glass
    • Cosmetics excellent
12mm Cosmicar/Pentax E7 C Mount Lens with Auto Iris
  • View of the frontE7 Cosmicar/Pentax Lens
    • 12mm 1:1.2
    • C-Mount
    • 18" cord
    • Auto-Iris
    • Adjustable Level and ALC
  • C-mount lens cap
  • Easily Configurable
    • Wiring Diagram on cable
    • Has a 6" cord terminated in a 6-pin mini-DIN currently
  • Only other markings are:
    • CE certification
    • Sticker: "E7"
    • Sticker: "1665A"
  • A Non-DOA Guarantee
      View from the side View of the wiring diagram


2 Wearnes Media Grabber DSP Card - Video Capture Card
Wearnes Media Grabber DSP Card - Video Capture Card
  • Fully PCI 2.1 Plug and Play Compliant
  • H.324 and H.323 compliant, H.320 compliant with appropriate upgrades
  • One Composite RCA pin input
  • One S-Video (S-VHS) mini DIN input
  • Work with Windows 95 !!!
  • Supports NTSC and PAL standards
  • H.263 compliant
  • DSP Enhanced Audio
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation
  • Full Duplex Transmission
  • G.723 compliant
  • One Condenser/Dynamic mic input
  • One Earphone/Speaker output
  • Drivers (On 3.5'' Floppy)
  • Video Studio Suite (On CD)
  • VDOPhone Software on Two 3.5'' Floppy

Goldcrest 7 Section Heavy-Duty Tripod 408L7
Hey Folks, really just goes to show if you don't or can't study the item, then you really shouldn't bid on it. (not a total loss)
This thing arrived with the packing in 100% unopened, undamaged condition, however look at what I found inside.
On the vendors behalf, I must admit, it did weighed in @ 3 lb. & it does have three legs.



Goldcrest Model 408L7 section heavy-duty tripod with cable release
- Ideal for movie camera, camcorder and regular camera
- In working condition
(there are some dents on the height crank wheel but doesn’t seem to affect operations)
(ya right! this puppy arrived with a shattered height crank wheel, & call me paranoid, but not ALL the broken bits where there).

- Fully extended length 56" and folded 14"
- Weighs about 3 lb.


Tripod Tray by Soligor
New in box
- The tray clamps onto any tripod leg or neck to serve as a place to keep needed items handy during photo sessions
IBM Scan 2000 36bit color One Touch Scanner


  • Optical Resolution:         600 x 1200 dpi
  • Software Resolution:      9600 x 9600 dpi
  • Image buffer:                256 kB
  • Interface:                    USB
  • Color depth color mode:  36 bits/pixel
  • Color depth gray mode:  12 bits/pixel
  • Color depth b/w mode:   1 bit/pixel
  • Sheet size:                   max. 21.6 x 29.6 cm
                                     (8.5" x 11.7")


Elgeet 13mm f:1.5 Wide Angle Lens C Mount EX
This is an Elgeet 13mm f:1.5 Wide Angle Lens
- C-Mount
- Optics are Perfect
- f:1.5 to f:16
- Fixed Focus
1 ft. is permanently set at the red triangle
- Made in Rochester, NY.
- Original Case


JVC VHS Camcorder Compact GR-AX5
JVC VHSC Camcorder Compact GR-AX5
-VHSC tapes
-8 x zoom Lens
-Low Lux
-Shutter speeds
-Time, date and age
-Auto Focus
-Full play back and edit
-Sp and Ep play
-remote input
-AV out input
-Gain up settings
-JVC AC power Adapter
-Chinon pocket Light for very low light


Nikon To C-Mount Adaptor
With this little adaptor you can use all those great, sharp Nikon Lenses on your C-Mount Movie Camera, video Cameras, and/or accessories.
This is a standard mount and will fit any Nikon Mount Lens or accessory.
Nikon has so many great, super-sharp lenses, and with this adaptor you can use them all on your C-Mount Equipment.
You can use your Nikon Lenses, borrow your friends Nikon lenses, or even rent those very special Nikon Lenses. This adaptor will let you use them all.
This is a quality, Made-In-Japan adaptor. It is in like-new condition.
Cosmicar X2 Extender for C-Mount CCTV Lens
This is a X2 TV Extender by Cosmicar, for C-Mount CCTV lens. The X2 extender increases the focal length of a lens by a factor of 2 times when screwed onto the rear of a lens. This is very useful for increasing the telephoto capability of a lens. For example, a 75mm lens with the adapter would be increased to 150mm.
Nikon One Touch Zoom 70AF Camera
Camera which needs repair or for parts. Nikon One Touch Zoom 70AF. 38-70mm Zoom Lens. Quartz Date. Zoom Lens Move in and out but Doesn't Change the picture. Small crack in top of case.





NIKON MOUNT 80-205 MULTICOATED MACRO AUTO ZOOM by Quantaray. Auto zoom with macro focusing 80-205mmf4.5, built in lens shade, front and rear caps. this lens is absolutely like brand new, it doesn't have a single sign of use, the glass is spotless as is the metal.
JVC Dugout 2000 Sportster
Dugout2000 Sportster
-cheap to run
-paddles not included
-Guaranteed not to sink
-all wood construction
-my best buy yet